The exuberant tropical garden invites you to relax and rest, surrounded by large trees such as coconut palms, royal palms or javellos; numerous bushes full of flowers, banana trees and a great variety of palms where hummingbirds, woodpeckers and butterflies have their food and dwelling.
All the bungalows have direct access to it and to the beautiful pool that is located in the center, next to the bar and restaurant. You can sunbathe, rest in the shade or bathe as if you were in a tropical river while you refresh yourself with a fruit juice or a cocktail.
The proximity of the town center and the beaches gives us the possibility of moving around Las Terrenas on foot. However, silence and tranquility are the main characteristic of Hotel La Tortuga, despite being a few meters from the Pueblo de Pescadores, which is the most typical and representative place in Las Terrenas with a wide range of restaurants and bars.
With an average temperature between 25º and 30º and a water temperature between 24º and 28º, you can enjoy a white sand beach lined with coconut trees and protected by a coral reef that allows you to practice various water sports throughout its serene sea all year round. and calm.